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How to order and pay?

At Hola Store, we have made sure to provide an easy shopping experience for our customers.

From this point of view, our online store is designed to be easy for the customer to browse the products in it, order through it, pay in several easy and safe ways, and provide multiple shipping methods :)

How to order:-

  1. Browse the products available in the store sections
  2. Put the products you want to order in your cart. By clicking on the image of the basket or the word "Add to Cart".
  3. After you have added all the products you wish to order. Go to your cart.
  4. Click on the “Finish Order” button.
  5. Choose the method that suits you to log in (1. An activation message to your mobile number. 2. An activation message to your email)
  6. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone or email (depending on the method you used)
  7. Enter the data of the address you want to ship or deliver to
  8. Choose the shipping option that suits you
  9. Choose the payment method that suits you (Mada Card - Visa - MasterCard - STC Pay - Apple Pay - Bank Transfer)
  10. Enter the discount code (if you have it) and then click the "Apply" button.
  11. Complete the details of the payment method you have chosen
  12. Click on "Complete Payment"

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the order process :)

Your order will be reviewed and shipped as soon as possible...